For patient information we use digital communication tools. Ahead of your visit you will therefore receive invitations and questionnaires sent to your private email. We’re also happy to assist you with filling out the questionnaire when you come in for your visit.

Appointment reminders are sent as text messages to your mobile phone.


At the Specialist Area pages you can find information on what to keep in mind before and after going through surgical treatments at Peritus Clinic, specific to the condition you’re seeking care for.


Perituc Clinic is welcoming patients who are financing their own treatment. If you are coming to us privately, there is no need for a referral from the public healthcare system and you are responsible for all costs yourself. 

When you choose to pay yourself, you can always contact us to get a price estimation in advance. The final price for your treatment will be provided after the examination, when your doctor has provided you with an individual treatment plan. 

If you have private health insurance you should contact your insurance company for further information on the specific terms that apply to your situation.

For patients who are referred to Peritus Clinic via our agreement with Region Halland, the region’s out-of-pocket payment rates apply.


The National Guaranteed Access to Healthcare Scheme is a statutory right indicating the maximum time limit any individual has to wait before getting in access to care.

If your public healthcare provider doesn’t meet the requirements in the National Guaranteed Access to Healthcare, you should be provided with the option to seek care from another provider. This care provider could either be in your own region or in another region. 

Specialist appointments

You shall get an appointment with a specialist within 90 days, if you’ve received a referral for this.

Starting treatment 

If a decision for treatment is made, you shall be offered an appointment for treatment within 90 days. A treatment can for example be surgery.


At Peritus Clinic we always strive to maintain the highest quality standards and apply the latest medical techniques in all our examinations and treatments.

If you’re not satisfied with the care you’ve received or have any questions we hope to hear from you.

Oftentimes talking through a procedure can provide explanations when you feel that the outcome wasn’t what you expected. Hearing from you helps us in our continuous quality improvement work.

In case of adverse effects, you can rest assured that the same patient insurance rights apply to you as a patient at Peritus Clinic as if you’ve received your care at a public hospital in Sweden.


The clinic is located within the premises of the science park Medicon Village Perituskliniken ligger inne på området Medicon Village. The address is Scheelevägen 8, 223 63 Lund.