At Peritus Clinic all treatment outcomes are registered in the national quality registries. We expect to be able to publish our treatment outcomes on our website shortly.


At Peritus Clinic we strive to keep the number of adverse events at zero and have implemented processes to work systematically with patient safety and prevention of such events.


All patients who have received a prostate cancer diagnosis are in need of guidance before, during and after treatment. At Peritus Clinic we offer rehabilitation of incontinence and impotence as well as continuous surveillance of PSA levels. If relapses occur we provide examinations and guidance on treatment and in these circumstances a contact nurse is important to feel safe.

As a patient at Peritus Clinic you can rest assured in knowing that there’s always a contact nurse for you who has information about your full medical history.


Göran Ahlgren

senior consultant, robotic surgeon and Medical Director

Göran Ahlgren Bio

Dr Göran Ahlgren is a senior consultant, associate professor, and a leading robotic surgeon in Sweden focused on diagnostics and treatment of prostate cancer. Dr Ahlgren has worked as a specialist and has 40 years of experience as a practicing specialist in his field, of which the last 30 years has been spent working at Skåne University Hospital (SUS) in Malmö. During his time at SUS he has performed over 800 robotic assisted surgeries and about as many laparoscopic surgeries of prostate cancer.

Ane Krag Jakobsen

urology specialist,
robotic surgeon

Ane Krag Jakobsen Bio

Ane Krag Jakobsen is a urology specialist with broad experience within her field from both Denmark and Sweden, of which the last ten years has been spent working at Skåne University Hospital (SUS) in Malmö. 

During the past ten years Dr Krag Jakobsen has sub-specialised in diagnostics and treatment of prostate cancer with particular focus on urinary incontinence and erectile dysfunction post prostate cancer surgery. At Peritus Clinic she performs robotic assisted surgeries of prostate cancer and penile implants with excellent results. Dr Krag Jakobsen also focuses on diagnostics and treatment of urinary dysfunctions of both men and women.

Peter Leander

lead consultant, radiologist

Peter Leander Bio

The radiology department is led by associate professor Dr Peter Leander who has vast experience within imaging and radiology. He was taught MRT in the United States in the mid 80’s and has since worked at the radiology department at the Skåne University Hospital for more than 30 years, including as the regional head of radiology in Region Skåne.

Susanne Aspehall Malm

Head of Operations

Susanne Aspehall Malm Bio

Susanne Aspehall Malm is the Head of Operations at Peritus Clinic. She is a specialist nurse in oncology and palliative care. She has held leading and managerial positions in both private and public hospitals for several years.

Jónas Rafnar Ingimarsson

lead consultant, anesthesiologist

Jónas Ingimarsson Bio

The anesthesiology section including the post-surgery department is led by Dr Jónas Rafnar Ingimarsson who brings 40 years of experience from anesthesiology. Dr Ingimarsson has worked in pediatric anesthesiology and for the past ten years focusing on thoracic anesthesiology at the thoracic department of Skåne University Hospital  in Lund. Dr Ingimarsson is also experienced in emergency care and has been medical director at SOS Alarm Malmö for three years.

Åsa Dahm


Åsa Dahm Bio

Åsa Dahm is the CEO of Peritus Clinic and one of the driving forces behind the clinic’s establishment at Medicon Village. She has long standing healthcare experience and has for several years worked for one of the leading medtech companies and is experienced in leading complex projects. Mrs Dahm has a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering and  holds a licentiate degree in immuno technology from the Faculty of Engineering (LTU) in Lund. She is also a trained nurse.