Patient information

Below you will find answers to some frequently asked questions about PeritusClinic and our offer.

How do you become a patient with us?

You can book an appointment by using the booking form here on the website, with or without referral.
The booking form can be found

How much does it cost?

We do not have any finalized agreements with regions yet. Therefore, you need a payment connection ready from a public healthcare provider to get healthcare at the same price as in your home region. This is currently also the case also when the waiting time for the “vårdgaranti” has been reached. 

If you have healthcare insurance, medical examination and treatment are offered according to the specific terms in your agreement. 

You can also choose to pay by yourself and get a price suggestion beforehand.

What do I need to do before the visit?

We are a modern clinic and use digital communication. Therefore, you will receive the documents needed before your first visit over e-mail, including the call and questionnaire about your health and previous conditions. You will then show proof of identity by using mobile BankID. We can also help you with the questionnaire on site, at the clinic. 

Reminders before your visit will be sent via SMS to your mobile phone. 

What if I’m not satisfied?

At PeritusClinic, we do our utmost to offer the highest quality and knowledge in all medical examinations and treatments. 

Should you as a patient not feel satisfied or have questions about something, we hope that you will reach out to our reception. The reception will then forward you to the doctor or nurse who has treated you. 

Oftentimes, a discussion with explanations can help if you do not feel that things have gone as expected. By contacting us you also help in our continuous work to improve, which is a prescribed part of healthcare activities. 

If an injury should occur in connection with the treatment, patients are insured through FOLKSAM in the same way as there is an insurance for patients in the public healthcare system. In such an instance, the staff at PeritusClinic stand ready to help you in any way possible with the right documentation and to file a report.

Can I get a second opinion?

You can also request that your disease or condition gets assessed by another healthcare institution, usually known as “second opinion”. The doctor you have had contact with will then offer to write a referral for such an assessment. If you wish to contact another healthcare provider yourself, we will provide you with copies of your journal. It is worth noting that x-ray images also count as journal documents, which you will receive from us.